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Warranty policy

Dear customer, we thank you for choosing Al-Nasser Factories Company and your trust in us. Be sure that our goal is to serve you. We strive to be worthy of this trust by guaranteeing the product for a period of 24 months, according to the following conditions:

Basic conditions:
Two-year warranty against manufacturing defects only.
The original invoice must be submitted when maintenance is required.
The warranty does not cover periodic checks, repair and replacement of parts as a result of normal wear.
Only the company’s maintenance department report is approved.
Determining the period required for product maintenance is an exclusive right of the company’s maintenance department, and we have the right to open and inspect the device under the warranty.
If the consumer sees that there is a manufacturing defect, he must submit a request and hand over the device to the maintenance department of the company within two days of the occurrence of the defect with the consumer, otherwise the consumer’s right to claim the repair of the defect shall be forfeited.
If it is proved by the company, after examining the device, that it is not a manufacturing defect, then the consumer is obligated to pay the costs of maintenance and the parts required to be replaced.
In the event that the company proves a manufacturing defect, it has the right, at its discretion, to take the following action:
1- Fixing the defect.
2- Pay the value of the device at the time of purchase, after deducting the consumption value.
The company reserves the right to collect service fees in return for maintaining the devices, and the warranty does not apply in any cases except for those related to manufacturing defects.

Conditions voiding the warranty:
No original invoice.
Malfunctions due to improper use of the product.
Malfunctions due to the use of external accessories that are incompatible with the device or of poor quality.
Opening the device outside the company’s maintenance center, or the presence of traces of combustion of one of the components of the device, or maintaining the device outside our maintenance centers.
Internal fractures or cracks resulting from the fall of the device.
Malfunctions resulting from non-conforming use of the operating manual.
Damages resulting from improper transportation, loading and storage by the buyer.
Malfunctions resulting from the frequency of the electric current or as a result of the use of an electric generator that violates the specifications of the device.
Installing the device in violation of the method described in the operating books.
Malfunctions arising as a result of rain, lightning, fire, flood, and the like.
Rust in the structure of the device as a result of exposure of the device to factors that led to this, such as moisture, etc.
Make any modifications to the device.
Malfunctions resulting from exposure of the device to water, fire, or poor ventilation.
Damage to the battery from charging too much or not adhering to the instructions included in the product manual.
The serial number of the device has been deleted, changed, removed, or has become unreadable.
Burning the device or burning a piece of its components.
The use of spare parts sold by other than the company that do not conform to the approved standard specifications.

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