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Warranty policy

Dear customer, we thank you for choosing Al-Nasser Factories Company and your trust in us. Be sure that our goal is to serve you. We strive to be worthy of this trust by guaranteeing the product for a period of 24 months, according to the following conditions:

Warranty Policy

– Two years warranty: the first year is a maintenance and parts warranty, second year is a maintenance warranty only, not including parts

 A copy of the original invoice must be submitted when requesting maintenance for any product.

-Determining the period required for the maintenance of the product is made by the maintenance department after opening the equipment and examining it under the guarantee.

-Maintenance of the products takes place at the LEWAN EST. headquarter, and the product must be sent to us for maintenance in Jeddah.

-The warranty covers repairing the malfunction, not replacing the product or refunding its cost.
-In case  the product is sent for maintenance by the customer and it turns out that the product is not defective, the customer will bear the full shipping costs.

3 months only warranty on shawarma machine burners.

 Cases not covered by the warranty

-The warranty does not include external accessories.

-The warranty does not include misuse of the product and breakages.

– Parts and consumables materials.

-Improper transportation and storage of the product.

-Failure to maintain periodic cleaning of the product.

-External maintenance of the product. In the event of operating the equipment in the wrong way (such as using a high-pressure gas regulator or operating the equipment with an electrical current that is contrary to the product’s electricity).

-The Warranty does not include the misuse of a planetary mixer in terms of switching between speeds without stopping the equipment, which leads to the damage of the gearbox.

-The warranty does not include misuse of food warmer when they are not filled with water, which leads to the heater exploding.

-The guarantee does not include damages resulting from the use of an unsuitable gas regulator or liquid gas leaks from the equipment due to poor installations and maintenance of gas tanks.

-The warranty does not include consumables parts such as interior lights, heating lamps and heaters.

-In case that the product is used in a way that violates the operating and usage of the machine.

-The dimensions, colour, and shape of the product may differ from the images shown due to screen dimensions, photographic factors, and the product manufacturing mechanism.

– One year warranty on gas equipment against manufacturing defects.

– In the event of not adhering to the regular cleaning of refrigerators every 3 months (external fan – condenser – filter), which may cause product malfunctions. 

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