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For restaurant equipment, commercial kitchens, hotels, hospitals and stainless steel customize

who are we

Alnasser Factories was established in 1970 as a centre for supplying food equipment.
In 1980 our factories moved toward manufacturing these products based on European American’s specifications.
We use stainless steel 304 to manufacture all our products. We are specialized in the manufacturing restaurant equipment, cafeterias, hotel kitchens, universities catering and hospitals. We also work with hospitals by manufacturing operating rooms and laboratories. Moreover, the management of Alnasser factories and their employees are working professionally to improve performance and always maintain a bright image of the factory and always remain at the forefront. Therefore, Alnasser factories are constantly providing appropriate services to customers. We have professional technicians and designers with expertise and high competencies.

One of the BEST factories for Stainless Steel Works in the Kingdom

In addition to expertise and competencies, Alnasser Factories uses advances technologies that assist in the production of equipment.

Electric Ovens, Heating Ovens, Mandi Ovens, Dessert Oven, French Fries Fryers, Fryers, Chicken Grills, Shawarma Grills, Burger Grills, Mutabaq Pans, and Masoob Mincing Machine

Storage Refrigerators, Juices Refrigerators, Fish & Cheese Refrigerators, Broasted Refrigerators, Display Refrigerators, Meat Refrigerators and Water Coolers, all offers in different sizes.

Food Heaters, Potato Heaters, Trolley Heaters and lots of Food Heaters with cabinet and plates various sizes and sizes are custom-made.

We produce orders for each customer according to their request, which is proportional to space or with the appropriate sizes. Alnasser factories’ team must visit the place and take exact measurements accurately. In hospitals, we manufacture opreration rooms needs and laboratories by providing sterilization basins, stainless steel tables and stainless steel carts, stainless steel cabinets and shelves, also in the supplying of hospital kitchens and hotel kitchen we manufacture stainless steel washbasins, stainless steel cupboard, stainless steel hoods, stainless steel trolley and all restaurant equipment that offer full and fast service and much more that makes us strive to develop all large or small projects. This is due to our constant and continued growth and technological development, which helps us to meet the requirements of all our customers in many fields.

Our mission

Achieve customer satisfaction with the highest quality of equipment production. Moreover, we aim to provide a quality service. We have served the most famous companies and institutions in the country, from education, health, hospitality, catering projects and the largest international chain of restaurants.

More than 35 years in manufacturing

Alnasser Factories has worked for more than 35 years in manufacturing many projects in different fields all over the Kingdom, in processing restaurants, hotels, hospitals, bakeries and always aspire for more. Our reputation is based on our customer satisfaction and quality products in this field.

Restaurants Interior Designs

The professional design of the restaurants is based on designing spaces that are professionally analysed, so we participated with Teammar interior design which leads a team specialized in designing restaurants and cafes to create unique kitchen designs that suit the type of working environment. No detail goes un-noticed, each element is assessed by Alnasser factories’ engineers and Teammar Interior Design’s restaurant designers to maintain the principle of a single design rule with practical solutions suitable for each design space, carefully planned and implemented with the best solutions.

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