Some of Teammar’s designs in 2018

//Some of Teammar’s designs in 2018

Some of Teammar’s designs in 2018

In this article we will talk about our stylish and distinctive designs of restaurants and Cafes last year, to show you the creations of our designers and their focus in the interior designs, at walls, tables, lighting, units used in lighting, seats, entrances, decorative units and distinctive designs and scenes that give the place an unparalleled elegance.


Fish & Rice Restaurant

We see here that the designer was interested in decorating the design of the wall in the form of fish made of iron material of black color mounted on a wall of wood. So the tables here reflected with a distinctive design and wonderful wood of the same type and seats suitable and attractive. Also interested in distributing the lights in a creative and harmonious manner with the decor.


Lazat Alhayat Restaurant

The designer used wooden benches and tables with addition of suspended lighting units and the distribution of spot light which gave a different and elegant shape.


Kurtos Restaurant

The designer here used the restaurant’s own walls with the logo added prominently with the addition of multi-color canvas seats.


Pasta Gusto Restaurant

The designer created the logo with a background of magnificent wooden columns in the middle of the wall area, surrounded red and green painting on the left and right giving a distinctive view.


Souffle cafe

Here the designer is distinguished in showing the classical form by adding the chandelier with velvet seats in exquisite and harmonious colors.

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