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– Calculation of the kitchen area and determine the number of square meters required for the kitchen based on the number of chairs in the restaurant or cafe and take away orders.

– Design the circulation within the kitchen in order to speed up and the process of preparation and delivering orders.

Design kitchen flow step by step which includes:

• Entering raw materials and goods then storing them in proper standards.
• Storage areas including refrigerating, freezing and dry storage.
• Preparation area, including washing, cutting and preparing for cooking, this should be isolated from the cooking area to avoid transmission of any bacteria during work.
• Receiving order requests from the dining area.
• Cooking process of various types of dishes.
• Handing the dishes to the serving table in the kitchen, and checking the quality of the order.
• Receive and serving dishes by the waiter in the dining area.
• The process of returning dishes from the dining hall.
• The process of dispensing food and beverages from dishes and cups then processing for washing.
• washing and drying.
• Storing the dishes properly in closed cabinets and prepare them for reuse.


– It is also important to locate a storage area for cleaning materials which is completely isolated from the food storage and preparation area.

– Design the process of cleaning and washing of the kitchen following the guidelines and standers. Each area must be washed separately to avoid transferring any bacteria or microbes from one area to another.

– Each area mentioned is designed based on the kitchen area.
The design is based on internationally recognized standards and for commercial kitchens.

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